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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Woo, I finally posted this! I've been putting this off for like, three days now.

Name: Stella Wilder

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Some might say that Stella is a bit of an airhead, and well, that's probably true. Don't get me wrong, she's a very intelligent and creative girl, but her head is always in the clouds. She's still a bit new to real, hardcore Pokemon training so she sometimes makes mistakes, often getting quite flustered when her errors are pointed out. She has a rather dark sense of humor, however, and can come off as a bit snarky, but she truly means well and tries to get along with most people.

Description: Stella is quite the tall little string bean at 5'9", with a lanky build that's in need of some extra body fat or muscle. Her complexion is very fair and her teal eyes are almost always narrowed in thought. Her heavily layered auburn hair falls just past her chin, and is always a bit wind blown and hanging in her eyes. She tends to wear thin cotton dresses with black leggings and heavy combat boots, and when the weather calls for it, a worn-in leather jacket with a fur collar. (Okay, it's not real fur or leather, but she's not gonna tell you that.)

Pokemon Captured: None yet

Pokemon Natures: Izzie- Azumarill- Sassy, Charlie- Scizor- Mild, Phyllis- Drapion- Hardy

Park Items: 3 Parkballs, 1 Superball, 1 Hyperball, 1 Full Restore, 1 Max Potion, 1 Ladybird Perfume, and Gold Teeth (+3 Encounters, and one free park pass with four extra mons.)

supermonkey07 (11:45:01 PM): lol
(11:45:03 PM): silly sheep
(11:45:10 PM): trying to act like people do
(11:45:14 PM): talk the people talk
(11:45:16 PM): eat the people food
(11:45:20 PM): but you're just a sheep
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