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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

OOC: Wow...I'll be completely honest, the whole strategy was mainly to use Pinsir's weight to put strain on the string, thus forcing Galateah to face in the direction of the string making her aim at Pinsir. I never considered the possibility of her actually lifting Pinsir into the air. O_o

Felix paid attention to Pinsir's movement and noticed, not only that he was tired, but that he was preparing an attack.

As soon as Felix saw him throw something, he looked up and yelled, "Galateah, use Psychic to stop that stone in place!"

Galateah was a bit scared to see something that sharp headed towards her, but she quickly calmed down and focused, hoping to be able to use her mental abilities to stop the stone from coming closer.

Thinking that Galateah was successful in stopping Pinsir's attack, Felix smiled at his Butterfree and said, "Okay Galateah, he's getting tired, so let's finish this. Drop down some Sleep Powder and guide it with Psychic."

Felix took out a Superball as he imagined Galateah's future move. The blue Sleep Powder sparkling in the air, all suddenly turning into a spiral with Galateah as its center piece commanding the strange dust with her mind. It's the sort of flashy stuffs Galateah would do.

Felix looked back at Pinsir, aiming his Superball at him. Wether Galateah was successful or not, he would still try to capture that Pokemon.

OOC2: "hoping to" "Thinking that" Yeah, I left it open so that wether Stone Edge hits or not is still up to you. ^^;
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