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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< Chapter Twenty-Eight Up!

At Nazo’s last statement, Iyoku glanced downwards at Kiyo’s grey shell; his eyes tracing the patterns on it to try and keep himself busy. It seemed that Nazo still didn’t know about what would happen when the future was changed. But…I suppose it’s for the better.

The hedgehog cocked his head slightly. “What is wrong, Iyoku? Did I say something…?” He asked, concern clearly discernable in his voice. What could be wrong? He acts strangely whenever I mention something about our ‘family’.

“…No, it’s nothing.” Iyoku said, returning his attention to the coastline. The rain had really begun to fall now, but they were finally at the shore. Kiyo went up on the beach of the next island as far as she could before Iyoku jumped off, waiting for Nazo to do the same before he recalled Yaiba, Shourai and Kiyo to their Poke Balls. He scanned the cliffs ahead of them, looking for a cave to find shelter.

Nazo knew something was up, but didn’t press any further, focusing his attention on locating a place to stay as well. He noticed a rather large indent in one side of the cliff, and approached it, clearly with an idea in his head. Leaning in close, he knocked on the indent, and then on the regular rock next to it. Doing this several times, he nodded with satisfaction, before forming a crystal spear. Faster than the eye could see, he performed a criss-cross slash on the weaker wall, which collapsed immediately after, revealing a hidden cavern within. As I thought…

Iyoku watched all this with a raised eyebrow, but after the wall caved in on itself, revealing the cave, he just shook his head and went in. Trying to think about it would give him a headache, and he wasn’t particularly interested in trying to figure it out. But, I bet I can get Nazo to do it, he thought with a snicker.

The sky blue hedgehog had already sat down by the cavern entrance, watching the storm as it rolled in. He wasn’t too concerned about flooding or the like, unless this was the mother of all storms, but still felt it necessary to stand - or sit - watch.

Figuring there wasn’t much else of anything he could do, Iyoku sat down and took out the book he’d been reading while out at sea. He was going to take another look through it for the creature he’d seen, even if it was too dark to read properly. However, he had an easy solution to this, and a sphere of Aura formed in his right hand and hovered in the same spot after he removed it. The light emnating from it was dim enough to preserve night vision, but was bright enough to avoid killing his eyes while reading.

Nazo released Lilac from her ball, the Houndour shaking herself and stretching after being confined. She sat down by him, allowing the hedgehog to scratch her behind the ears while she watched the rain forming small puddles outside. She didn’t like the rain when it hit her, but she had no problem with it when she could stay dry!

Iyoku was still looking through the book, leafing through several pages, and even going back when he thought he saw it. Now, what’d that thing have…? Right, the back fins, large wings and a long neck and tail. The tail also had a pair of spikes at the e… his thoughts trailed off as he finally found what he’d been looking for. “AHAH!”

Nazo only gave the slightest of jumps, but Lilac was a whole other exception. She yelped, rolling backwards and hitting her head on the ground in the process, while Nazo calmly walked over to where Iyoku was, asking what he had found. He was confident the canine would be fine, although she might not see it that way.

‘This is the Pokemon I saw before,” Iyoku said, “And just as I thought, it’s a Legendary.” He showed Nazo the page that depicted the creature. It seemed to resemble an avian plesiosaur, and bore several fins on its back as well as two extras on its tail and fins of the same colour that housed part of the eyes. The Lugia’s main body was a bright sheen of white, and it possessed massive wings that had a vague resemblance to a pair of hands.

“I see. Do you have any idea what it was doing?” He asked curiously, somehow getting the hint it had been in the sea. A sea bird? It certainly is sleek enough. He also wondered why they had seen Articuno and Lugia so close together, in such a short time. Is there a connection? They are both birds, after all…

Iyoku raised an eyebrow. “Do you think I’m psychic or something? I have just as good an idea about what it was doing that you do.” But then he paused, “Although, it doesn’t surprise me that it was in the ocean. A single flap of a Lugia’s wings can cause a forty day storm.”

“A? Are you saying there are more of them?” Nazo asked, slightly confused. “I thought legendaries were one-of-a-kind.” He admitted, when Lilac padded up. Nazo winced slightly when she clamped her sharp teeth on his arm, giving an annoyed growl that he had left her there without checking to see if she had been okay.

“What Lilac? You don’t like seeing the floor face to face?” Iyoku asked, snickering. “Well, in the distant past, it was said that there had been a few extra numbers of certain Legendaries, like Lugia. Although, once that was found out, they were hunted to near extinction. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were one-of-a-kind. Those stories are really only passed down in ancient legends now.”

The Houndour only snarled in response, but Nazo was intrigued. “I find it hard to believe they would all perish. I am sure, somewhere, there are still a few pockets left.” The hedgehog said, being hopeful. “Nothing more can be done for them now, however. Only time can undo the damage done…Which is ironic, because now time is in danger.”

Iyoku shrugged, “Maybe, but it’s rumored that their silver feathers had the ability to capture time, but only when combined with something else. I don’t know what ‘something else’ is, though.” He paused, thinking. If it’s to be taken literally, that means something made from it can catch Celebi or Dialga. I wonder what it is?

“Although getting a feather is most likely a hard task.” Nazo added on, nodding. “We may find out eventually. You can always ask Celebi when we meet her - or in your case, again.” Although, he wasn’t too sure the legendary would be willing to impart knowledge that could harm her to someone.

The grey hedgehog returned to glancing through the book before he closed it and took a look outside. The storm was still going, and from the little bit of sky he could see through the clouds, the sun was going to set within a few hours.

Nazo returned to his ‘post’, watching the ocean crash angrily against the shore in never-ending waves. Lilac made herself busy by scouting the cave, disappearing into the depths; her black pelt blending into the darkness long before she was actually out of sight.

Since he was now growing bored – again – Iyoku got an idea. A small sphere of Aura formed in his hand, and he focused on it, trying to concentrate on crystallizing the energy. He’d gotten the idea from the crystals he’d seen back in the cavern, and wanted to try it to see if he could do it too. Although, the crystals at the cavern had a purple hue – if that wasn’t Naomi’s Aura, whose was it…?

Leaning against the wall, Nazo eventually began to slip into a light slumber, the rain lulling him into drowsiness. It may seem like he fell asleep quite often, but he slept lightly nowadays, always alert for any danger.

Muttering something under his breath, Iyoku gave up on the attempt he’d been making at crystallizing his Aura, and instead allowed his eyes to wander around the cavern. Just how’d Nazo know this cave was here? He asked himself. All that could really be seen from the outside were just a few marks, but…

Padding back, Lilac seemed to have found nothing of interest in her little cavern adventure. With nothing else to do, she stretched by one side of the wall, lying down with her paws crossed. She watched the others for a few seconds, before she decided that staring at her paws would be more entertaining.

A mischievous grin crossed Iyoku’s face as an idea came to him. He got up silently and started sneaking up behind the sky blue hedgehog, not making a sound at all – heck, he was barely even breathing. When he was behind him, he then proceeded to shout the first thing that had come to his mind as loud as he possibly could. “BOO!”

Nazo yelped, leaping to his feet and spinning around. Unfortunately for Iyoku, that reaction also came with a defensive maneuver - the hedgehog slammed his fist into his younger companion’s face, entirely on accident, knocking him to the ground. Nazo immediately became worried, because his punches were not the weakest in the world. “Iyoku? Sorry!”

“Owww,” the grey hedgehog muttered, as he rubbed where the sky blue one had punched. Accidentally or not, that had hurt, but he luckily hadn’t been knocked out by it. “Okay…Note to self, don’t do that again. Nazo can’t have the crap scared out of him without punching something.”

The older hedgehog rubbed the back of his head. “Sorry, again. I always had to be alert, and I have not broken that habit yet.” Nazo muttered, pulling Iyoku onto his feet. “At least I did not break anything. Maybe it is because you have a thick head?” He snickered.

Iyoku glared when Nazo helped him to his feet, although a faint grin was on his face. “There’s a difference between being thick-headed and hard-headed,” he said with a snicker. Good thing my bones don’t break or crack easily – I don’t know why that is, but I’m not complaining.

“In your case, you have both.” Nazo shot back, grinning slightly. Lilac was watching all of this happen with a wide smile on her face, and it was quite clear she was having a very tough time not laughing. It probably wouldn’t go over well if she did!

“Oh yeah? Well…At least I’m not a wuss,” Iyoku said, laughing now as he delivered a whack to the side of the older hedgehog’s head. He wondered if Nazo would point out that he’d taken a while to come up with that comeback, but didn’t really care.

Growling, Nazo tackled the younger hedgehog, locking him in a headlock and giving him another characteristic nuggie. “Wuss? You are talking to a being who defeated Super Sonic! Really, that was a weak remark!”

“I know, but it was the best I could come up with on short notice,” Iyoku said, laughing even as Nazo gave him a nuggie. “So you did actually face Super Sonic?”

Relenting, Nazo released Iyoku, shrugging slightly. “Yes. I was about to kill him, but then Cami intervened. She would have died as well, since at that point I stabbed her through the stomach…” He shook his head. “Things got very hectic after that…Although I hate to admit it, I believe there is a video of the fight. The news reporter nearly died, but she did her job. A bit too well, however.” There was no pride in his voice.

Iyoku raised an eyebrow. “Don’t forget; that was when you were more or less under Tatsujin’s control,” the grey hedgehog said. Even though he had, he wasn’t about to tell him he’d seen the video of that fight. Back when he was still in the future, he’d been able to get onto the archives, and that was part of the knowledge he’d gained about Nazo along with the books.

The hedgehog sighed, shaking his head slightly. “Regardless, it was still a part of my soul. It will take a long time before the wound heals, and even longer for others to forgive me, if ever.” He leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. “I realize I complain about this a lot…But it weighs gravely on my heart. Many say the best remedy is to talk about it.”

“It’ll take however long it takes to heal,” Iyoku said. “It will eventually, it’ll take time though.” He glanced out at the storm, and noticed it was beginning to clear up a little, but the sun was already too low in the sky for them to go to the next island. Looks like we won’t be able to have a fire – all the wood will be soaked by now.

Nazo nodded slightly. “Yes, let us hope I am not dead by then.” The hedgehog watched the rain, before looking at Lilac, who had padded up beside him. He absentmindedly scratched her behind the ear, lost in thought.

The grey hedgehog dug through his bag, finally taking out a few berries. They were some of the same ones as Iyoku had found in the rainforest on the other island, so they mainly composed of Nanab berries. He handed one to Nazo and set one in front of Lilac, given that they couldn’t start a fire to make the usual soup or stew.

Lilac grinned, gulping down the berry, while Nazo took his time with his. He didn’t really mind not having any soup, he was just glad they had some actual food to eat. He could see why Pokemon loved to eat berries, as they were often quite delicious, although the palette of taste often affected what one liked or disliked.

Like Lilac, Iyoku was finished his rather quickly, and noted that the sun was finally disappearing below the horizon. Well, we’ve been in the islands for a few days now. It shouldn’t be too much longer, he thought to himself as he took out the map. Apparently, if they kept going the way they were now, they would reach the next island in a couple more days. The problem was, that the distance was nearly twice that of which they’d traveled, so continuing at night was their only option.

Having finished his berry, Nazo leaned against the cavern wall, intent on falling asleep. His Houndour companion curled up next to him, drifting easily into the dreamscape. Nazo took a little longer, but eventually he too succumbed.

It didn’t take long before Iyoku also decided to put the map away and turn in for the night. However, he slept lighter than Nazo, mostly because he was still wary of the Shadow Pokemon, and partially because the other hedgehog might try to get back at him in the morning for his little prank.
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