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Default Re: Individual RP: Leman

OOC: Looooong overdue xP

Also, it adds to the post, IMO, when referring to Pokemon with genders by their gender, rather than it. Like people, right?

IC: Ranger Shadow Kritols

"Thunderbolt," Leman commanded of his Pokemon. The Jolteon put on a mischievous grin, and let out a fierce cry. Countless luminescent bolts of electricity flew from the spiked fur on the feline-like Pokemon, and ihet launched the charged energy towards the little Surskit.

With a slight squeak of fear, the Surskit tried to dodge the technique, but to no avail. The surge of crackling energy slammed into the little Pokemon and lifted her into the air, not even giving the female Surskit a chance to give a cry of pain or shock. The tiny thing had no chance against the barrage of electricity, and when the Thunderbolt faded, the blackened Pokemon fell to the ground, knocked out cold.

Shadow blinked. "Wow, that was...ruthless," he said. "You do realize that if you didn't want it you could just move on ahead? The Pokemon here aren't very aggressive towards trainers right off the bat, and even when aggression is shown towards them, they only battle the trainer's Pokemon. Keep that in mind, it'll allow your Pokemon to save their strength for future battles in which it really would matter.

"Okay, anyway, where to next?" the Ranger asked his charge.


Battle Stats

Wild Pokemon
Surskit [Female, Swift Swim, ???]

Your Pokemon
Jolteon [Female, Volt Absorb, Impish]


Trainer Stats
-Name: Leman
-Money: $1950
-Location: Woods
-Area Effects: It's very dark outside, since it's night, and the light is further blotted out by the cover inside the woods, even with Shadow's flashlight illuminating the way. Also, it's kinda nippy.

Pokemon Stats

-Dragonite [Male, Inner Focus, Calm]
(TM Ice Beam, TM Thunder Bolt, TM Flamethrower, TM Aerial Ace, TM Earthquake, TM Brick Break, TM Substitute, TM Focus Punch, TM Ice Punch, TM Stone Edge, TM Dragon Claw, HM Surf, HM Fly, HM Waterfall, MT Draco Meteor, SM Extremespeed, SM Heal Bell)
[In Pokeball]

-Jolteon [Female, Volt Absorb, Impish]
(TM Thunderbolt, TM Shadow Ball, TM Hidden Power [Grass], TM Toxic, TM Charge Beam, TM Substitute, TM Rest, TM Sleep Talk, TM Protect, TM Roar, TM Reflect, TM Light Screen, TM Iron Tail, BM Wish, BM Yawn, SM Growth)
[Out of Pokeball]

-1 Pokeball
-3 Superballs
-2 Hyberballs


-Encounters Remaining: 14

-Pokemon Seen: Surskit [???, Swift Swim, ???]

-Pokemon Captured: N/A
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