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Default Re: No One has a Log

Helds Off
No weather/terrain
Clauses On

Iridium with Metagross (G, Clear Body) @ Choice Scarf; Swampert (M, Torrent) @ Leftovers
Bumblebee16 with Clefable (F, Cute Charm) @ Lefties; Gyarados (M, Intimidate) @ Life Orb; Porygon-Z (G, Download) @ Expert Belt

Metagross Hammer Arm'd Clefable to death. A Counter on Life Orb and DD'd EQ killed off Gyarados. BB tried to quit, but PL was all TO THE DEATH, and then it took a really long time 'cause I kept screwing up Hammer Arm rolls. ._. BUT PL WON EVENTUALLY.

Iridium: $1000
BB: $500
Me: $1500

Salary: $31000

EmBreon is the maple syrup to my slightly undercooked crepe
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thegalleonman: (8:37:28 PM) How sad.
thegalleonman: (8:37:37 PM) I'm amused.
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