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Default Re: The Cartographer Society : Recruiting now!

Ooookay I'd like to make a suggestion.

Rather than this haphazard display of "you do this and you do this and you do this" that popped up in my absence I propose we do a proper announcement, the kind that puts a bigass notice at the top of the board that says "RECRUITING FOR CARTOGRAPHER SOCIETY" in order to draw people in. We recruit properly for a month, determining who wants to be a map artist. Then we make a bunch of blank 10x10 grids (2000x2000, so 200 Px for each block) and then determine who does what sections. Collaboration should be required to ensure they all fit together. Then we have a stickied thread of maps and have it be so that each square in the grid links to the individual person's map, and that map gets editted accordingly. Then, every month we (yes we, I can do overworlds too) send our new thumbnails to a desginated authority, who shall be titled "Mapkeeper." That way we get lots of map artists so the money doesn't get monopolized by a few people, we have a reliable timing schedule for payments, the maps are much more easily manageable, and it has some actual structure to it.
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