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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix saw how Galateah had not let go of the string yet.

"Perfect! Don't let go of that String Shot!" said Felix. Nancy looked up at her trainer, confused as to why her master would say that.

"Now fly as high as you can, and then use Gust straight down!" commanded Felix with a smile on his face. Nancy smiled as well as she quickly caught up with the plan.

Galateah wasn't sure what all that was about, but she did like flying, so using her speed she quickly flew upwards, but her trip was cut very short as the string still tied her to Pinsir who was now direcly bellow her. Galateah stressed out a bit as she wanted to go higher, so she began using Gust towards the floor and in Pinsir's direction.

Felix looked at Sara and said, "If the string holds it will tilt Galateah and her Gust attack in whichever direction Pinsir tries to run."

Felix looked back at the battle thinking, "Plus, being tied like that, Gust won't blow Pinsir away, so he'll just receive the damage head on."

Felix seemed confident in this strategy Would he be perhaps too confident? After all, his strategy literally hung by a thread.

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