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Default Re: Log Emma's Ref


No Items/Helds
Normal Terrain
No Sleep Moves
Rest Allowed
Hit All Hits One
Regular FFA

Susaska Vannorost with Arcanine
Loyal Arcanine with Bonsly
Fenix with Gyarados
BlueJello with Corsola
Haze with Smoochum
sheepskinfuton with Azumarill
Sec with Electivire
Sequentio with Umbreon
TheEvilDookie with Swampert


It was pretty quick killing until Umbreon and Swampert had a bit of a stall war, where Umbreon eventually died from Toxic.


Susaska Vannorost with Arcanine comes last, $1,000
Loyal Arcanine with Bonsly gets 8th, $1,000
Fenix with Gyarados gets 7th, $1,000
BlueJello with Corsola in 6th, $1,500
Haze with Smoochum in 5th, $2,000
sheepskinfuton with Azumarill in 4th, $2,500
Sec with Electivire in 3rd, $3,000
Sequentio with Umbreon in 2nd, $3,500
TheEvilDookie with Swampert wins and gets $4,000

I should get $4500 for reffing
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