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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

OOC: I actually didn't want Pinsir. I just realized I could use one now that I found one, I want it. = )

OOC2: The way you described Gust it sounded like it landed hard and was very powerful against Pinsir, yet Gust + Poison only did 4% of damage. Either you missed something or I'm in over my head. T_T

IC: Felix instantly panicked when Pinsir headed their way. He ducked and hid right behind Nancy as he pulled on the Ranger to get her to do the same.

"Nancy, Protect!" said Felix with a very rushed voice as his trusty Delcatty quickly created a bright barrier around them.

"Galateah, quick, dive down with Tailwind and use String Shot to tie him up!" shouted Felix as he looked straight at Galateah.

Galateah simply began fluttering down slowly as she was practically hypnotized by Nancy's shiny barrier.

"Galateah! Snap out of it!" shouted Felix.

Galateah quickly shook her head and rushed down aided by her Tailwind move. She prepared herself to swoop down and swirl around Pinsir's lower body.

OOC3: Him?...yeah, Pinsir is male. = )
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