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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

My ranger profile. It's basically the same as my normal one but as a ranger Sec wears a different outfit xD
Name: Sec
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Sec is usually very obnoxious and happy, never letting anything get to him. He's very good at rationalizing situations and therefore is usually correct when it comes to making decisions. Sec appears to always be the carefree, no care in the world, kind of guy but really he's sweet and knows what is really important.
Description:Sec has long(about 2 inches past the ears) bleach blonde emo hair with black streaks. He has about an average build, snowy blue eyes, and he's always chewing on a needle from a pine tree. His clothing usually consist of jeans an a dark green ranger's jacket and hat.
Pokemon Captured: None yet :[
Pokemon Natures: Marowak - Hardy, Togekiss - Calm, Flygon - Calm
Park Items: 2 Max Potions, 2 Full Heals, 4 Park Balls, 5 Super Balls
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