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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

OOC; Gardevoir? What happened to poor Shemo? xD

"Perfect... Wonderful, Rebecca dear!" Seq smiled, attempting to flatter the Jynx. It seemed to work, as she giggled from her position. Though still stuck in the honey, it wouldn't be a problem. "Remember the time Franziska got gum in your hair?"

The Jynx crossed her arms and huffed. Yes, she did indeed remember. The scientist had given Franziska a piece of gum after she had begged for hours, in order to add the wrapper to her trash coat. However, being the mischievous little kid he was, Tails the Floatzel tripped the gum-chewing Wormadam and it flew yards across the laboratory to land in Rebecca's hair. After that, it took a few minutes with ice water to chip it out, which she was not very happy about... at all.

"Right..." The man looked away guiltily for bringing it up. "However, you can get out of this sticky honey the same way. Freeze it with a Powdered Snow and then focus on Munchlax. I believe it's still sleeping, so use a Dream Eater."

Rebecca nodded, satisfied with the plan to free her from her sweet prison of sorts. She blew on the honey, allowing a cold gust of air to wash over the glassy surface. As it began to harden, she took focus on the snoozing Munchlax. As her large mouth opened, a mysterious magenta mist formed around the other's head. Much like an ethereal dream... but it was being pulled towards the Jynx like a vacuum!
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