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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix stopped to think for a moment. Sure, the situation was perfect, but, did he really want to capture a Pinsir. He had never even considered the possibilities, but when he did, he grinned. Felix took out a Pokeball and opened it right there behind the trees. In a small flash of light, a Butterfree appeared. The Butterfree instantly rushed for Felix and clung onto him.

"Hi girl. I'm happy to see you too," said Felix as he pulled the Butterfree off of him gently.

He pointed towards the Pinsir and said, "Okay Galateah, that over there is your target. I need your to spread your Poisonpowder over there..." Felix pointed towards a spot high in the air far from the group but also in Pinsir's bling spot. "...Then, use your strongest Gust attack to bring it all down to Pinsir."

Galateah nodded and flew behind the trees, swirling gracefully as she did. She flew upwards to that spot Felix had mentioned and spread Poisonpowder upward into the air. She flew back a bit and as the Poisonpowder dropped between her and Pinsir, Galateah flapped her wings and strong as she could, sending a powerful Gust attack in Pinsir's direction.

The Gust itself had changed color due to the Poisonpowder. It almost looked like a gown with Galateah centered right ontop of it.

Felix looked at Ranger Sara and said, "Galateah may be absent minded, but when it comes to showing off her move, she always likes to add a sparkle to them. I can't help but love that about her."

"Nyah!" followed Nancy in agreement as she marbled at the attack.

Hopefully, not only would that Gust hurt Pinsir, but it would also deliver the Poisonpowder to its target.
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