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Default Re: Adam's Reffing Book


New wages start here

Oreborugh Gym Battle

Leader BlueJello vs Ayotui

All Clauses
No Terrain

Ayotui [Cradily, Poliwrath, Rhyperior]
BlueJello [Cradily, Aerodactyl, Golem]

Cradily and Cradily started off what joy! They both stalled for a while until Toxic raped Bj's Cradily. Aerodactyl came in and finished Ayotui's Cradily. It then switched out when Rhyperior joined the oarty for Golem, but luckily Rhyperior's stone edge missed Golem but Golem was ass raped in the end. After Aerodactyl finished of Rhyperior it was Aero vs Poliwrath, and Choice Band Aero won!

Bj: $2000 + Defends
Adam: $1500
Salary: $1500

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