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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

i gots the perfect couple of ones

name: gliscor
game: pokemon
how to unlock: play 100 vs. matches with pikachu or jigglypuff, have him join you in sse, or beat classic on normal with lucario,pikachu, jigglypuff, or the pokemon trainer.
b- earth power, controls earth and pulls it up.
up b-fly- flys up and attacks foes in the air
over b-poison jab-hits opponent and makes them move slower.
down b-knock off- makes foe lose held item.

final smash- guillotine- attacks nearest enemy and kills foe in one hit.

taunts-up taunt- "gliscor" X waves claw X
down taunt-"gliscor" X moves earth randomly X
over taunts X gets ready to fly X

win taunt- claws the screen and says "gliscor" really lowly.
i never got why gliscor isnt in brawl at all, as a trophy, sticker, pokeball, or character. it made no sense to me.

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