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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

…I like how her physical description is longer than the personality section. Eh. Anyway, this is a character I’ll be using for a URPG fic, eventually…. May as well practice her a bit.

Name: Elle Quarles

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Elle is a liar. The entire framework of her being is constructed around the fact that she hates telling straight-up truth. You ask her a question, and she will give an answer that conveys her genuine opinion, but will give that answer in such a round-about, fallacious, fabricated way that most people eat right up out of simple politeness. If it weren’t for the “Ehh?” factor in every other word out of her mouth, people wouldn’t even notice she was fibbing—and there was a period in her life during which she genuinely lied; it wasn’t pretty. As-is, people she talks to regularly have just learned not to question her; new acquaintances adapt eventually. She’s the sort of person that will eventually drive the other participant in the conversation to just smile, nod, and be confused.

Description: Elle is short, slight, and practically a walking sprite. No rhyme intended. She’s in the habit of wearing clothing that makes her look unnaturally weighed down—huge greatcoats, layers of scarves, extremely unnecessary amounts of bangles and dangly earrings… anything, really. Over all of this she drapes layer of belt upon layer of belt (in varying size, color, and shape), all of which have Pokéballs fastened down their length. This diminishes her form even further.

As to physical features… Elle tells people that she was once a redhead. This would be a lie. She was actually a golden blonde. Now, though, her hair is dyed a sable black—the sort of black that looks dull and washes out her face, not the car-oil-grease black that so many bad dye job victims seem to be sporting. Her skin might be pale, might not be; it’s hard to tell, as the only uncovered portion of her body is her face, the coloring of which, with its dark-brown (nearly black) eyes against the dark hair, looks like it belongs to a vitamin-D-deficient nerd. She generally sports a left-side-of-the-mouth smirk and crinkled eyebrows, and her forehead is particularly remarkable in that “What freakish wrinkles you have, my dear,” way.

Pokemon Captured:

Pokemon Natures:
Gengar – male – Calm
Miltank – female – Jolly
Slowbro – male – Sassy
Machamp – male – Quiet

Park Items: Dun have any yet. D:

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