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Default Re: Playing Through Gold/Silver in anticipation..

Day 1: 27 Jan 2010
My name is Gold
Recieved Pokegear from Mom
Met Professor Elm and recieved my starter!
Totodile♂ was nicknamed Steak
Recieved an Egg from Mr Pokemon
Battled a mysterious individual with a Chikorita
Lied to the investigator, giving the name Silver
Defeated Falkner!

Day 2: 28 Jan 2010
Taught Steak Mud Slap
Climbed Sprout Tower and received Flash HM
On the way through Union Cave, Steak evolved into Croconaw
Rescued the Slowpokes from Team Rocket
Made friends with Kurt and decided to retire for the day

Day 3: 29 Jan 2010
Defeated Bugsy!
Battled Silver, who has acquired a new Gastly and Zubat
Thanked Mud Slap for existing, otherwise Bayleef would have been impossible
Delivered Farfetch'd back to the Cut master, received Cut HM
Caught a Rattata to use for Cut
Realized Rattata can't learn Cut
Caught a Spearow instead
Caught a Sandshrew, taught it Cut
Was too frustrated to continue any longer for the day

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