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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

can't be asked to put in the effort that I do on a normal SU (like Team Rp 7)

Name: CoN ArTist

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Con Artist is someone who tries not to judge people. He is a person that will laugh at any joke, even ones made with very bad humor. He cares for Pokemon to the extent where he won't push them past their limits. He is a very socialable person. He talks to anyone, and anything. People, at times, find him annoying because of his talkative nature. He is also intelligent and can solve problems quickly.

Description: Clicky

Pokemon Captured:

Pokemon Natures:

Pokemon: Jolteon
Nature: Hasty

Pokemon: Weavile
Nature: Bold

Pokemon: Tyranitar
Nature: Relaxed

Pokemon: Charizard
Nature: Jolly

-putting these here since these are the Pokemon I plan on using in the park

Park Items: 5x Hyper balls


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