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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Subayai
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Okay, here we go... you'll have to excuse me for this long description. Subayai and me alike have a rather...vivid, if you will, personality.
Subayai is usually rather shy, if not quiet and somewhat nervous (at times) when first approached; nonetheless, if approached in a friendly way, she'll make the same impression back. Generally Subayai is quite friendly and happy of a person.

She is also usually pretty mature for her age...mostly when she's trying to make a good impression, but still. She has a calm and cautious demeanor at times, and tends to get over-emotional and/or worked up at times. But not that often.

She is, like stated, quite emotional at times--at least, she can be. She's definitely not afraid to show her emotions the majority of the time. She may freeze up a bit in panic in peril situations, but mostly if it's just something rather embarassing, like a mistake (nothing too peril). She's also pretty sensitive to what others think about her.

Despite having a short, timid demeanor and her somewhat-low self-esteem, she's usually a carefree, happy person, and likes to have fun. Also despite the fact that she may be saddened a bit easily (or shows it more easily than others), she's also the same vice-versa (with happy emotions)

Subayai can be a little headstrong sometimes, though, and at times has a short-ish-fuse--however, her temper is not "hot" in any way. Just a little short with certain people.
She's usually quite self-humble. Can be silly at times. She likes to be at least somewhat organized, too.
Subayai is also generally respectful / polite. Just part of the whole somewhat-mature-thing, and because she's been in a "pure" martial art for a couple years. *shrugs*

She can also be quite talkative once she gets to know the person well, or if they've brought up a topic she takes interest in or something.

She's also quite limber and atheletic, due to the fact that she's currently a student in traditional Tae Kwon Do--who, by the way, received her black belt a few months or so ago. She's a pretty feisty, nimble martial artist / fighter who doesn't back down easily. She does know when/how to control, though, of course.

Sorry. A bit un-needed info at the end, eh?
Hope that wasn't too long. I'm just sorta weird like that. >->;

Appearance: This hopefully shouldn't be too lengthy; after all, her personality is probably the most notable thing, in this case.

About 5'1" - 5'2"-ish, and 120 lbs or so. Moderately thin body type (mostly thin, but no one's perfect...but the bulky weight is mostly from muscle. >.>; ^^; ). Green-ish-blue-ish-hazel-like eye color, and usually wears a moderate amount of eyeliner below her eye (on/under the lashes). Self-conscious of her appearance at times, yet doesn't like to get too dressy or anything when she doesn't see the need to. Shoulder-length blue hair with blonde streaks. Rather atheletic, very flexible, and very nimble. She usually carries around a purse--which is really a little more like a bag 'cause it's just big...(Hopefully you know the kinda purses I'm talking about >.<; )--but carries around a medium-sized lime-ish green backpack with a Treecko design, due to the fact that she generally carries around a lot of stuff (Yeah, I do that, too. >-<''), and that she loves the Pokemon, Treecko. (I do. XD)
She tries to look nice the majority of the time; or at least mostly nice. Described as "pretty" and/or "cute" to most people. Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary, really.

Pokemon Captured: None yet.
Pokemon / Natures:
~ Sakyuu (Flygon, Female, Jolly; +Sweet, -Dry)
~ Gengar (Male, Hardy; +None, -None)
~ Camerupt (Male, Calm; +Bitter, -Spicy)
Park Items: Parkballs x5, Superballs x2, Spicy Splendor Scent Spray x1, Dreamily Dry Scent Spray x1, Sweet Sensation Scent Spray x1, Bitter Berry Scent Spray x1, Sour Starfruit Scent Spray x1, Mystery Mist Scent Spray x1, Max Potions x3, Full Heals x3, Full Restores x2, Cheri Berries x5, Chesto Berries x2, Pecha Berries x8, Rawst Berries x4, Lum Berries x2, Sitrus Berry x1

Once again, sorry for the somewhat-butt-long description... >_<;

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