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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17

OOC: I'm sorry, I almost forgot. I mixed it up with something else ^^;

Genders huh? Hmmm. Make the Magby a Guy, and Rapidash a Lass :B


"Grrrr..." I began to pout as he saw Rapidash in full power.

"I knew Magby wasn't the real threat here, so maybe..." before finishing his sentence, he reached out to his bag pockets and took out a Parkball. I kept staring at it, thinking if it was a wise decision or not, then, something came across my mind.

"Slowbro, get back up and use Psychic to bring that Magby up in the air! Right around there!" I pointed out to a certain location.

There was nothing in particular in that location, but Slowbro soon understood what was I up to. Minutes later, Slowbro's eyes began to glow light blue and the frail opponent, Magby, became outlined in light blue as well. Magby was of course caught off by surprise, but it merely had the energy to shake it off.

But he didn't give up without a fight, as Magby tried its best trying to throw its flames all over, but the sustaining rain prevented it from doing so, and soon, it became under control of Slowbro's.


Slowbro raised its arms out and flung the helpless critter towards the direction I pointed it too, and to my surprise, Rapidash turned its attention towards its friend, and started racing towards it.

"That's it...Closer now....NOW, GARCHOMP, Jump out with a powerful slash!"

Rapidash was startled at the moment, backing away, but it was a bit late. The grounds started to tremble, and a minute path opened way, as Garchomped leaped out from its back, having its right arm raised and letting out a huge growl.


It looked like it was waiting for this moment...

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