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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Time for my banner+Avi change!

Type: Banner
Size: Same size as current

Render/Stock: (Just make it smaller)
Render/Stock-Effects: Make their outlines blurry
Render/Stock-Placement: Middle

Background: Also, reduce the size Lol
Background-Effects: Make it blurry but don't make the triforce blurry
Background-Theme: Well, just use the entire background that I gave you

Text: Four Links are better than one!
Text-Font: Something special that looks nice and is readable
Text-Colors: Something that stands out, preferable gold or the colors of the Triforce in the BG I gave you
Text-Size: Big enough to read, but small enough so it doesn't intrude
Text-Placement: Wherevere it fits, I'm not very specific, just don't make it out of view.

Border-Size: do the same thing on this banner that you did on my current banner and use this triforce again
Border-Effects: Make the Triforce appear to be glowing

Avi time!

Type: Avatar
Size: Same size as current

Render/Stock: Use the MegaMan on the very end of the third row; He looks like he's shooting
Render/Stock-Effects: Make a blast coming out of his laser (His forward hand)
Render/Stock-Placement: Middle

Background: Just cut out any square of this
Background-Effects: None
Background-Theme: ...
Background-Colors: ...

Text: MegaMan Go!
Text-Font: Doesn't matter, just make it readable
Text-Colors: Something that stands out
Text-Size: Small enough that it doesn't intrude, big enough to read
Text-Placement: Wherever it fits
Text-Effects: Make the text appear to be glowing

Border-Size: Make the border the same as my current one, with this symbol up top
Border-Colors: ...
Border-Effects: ...
Border-Theme: ...

Thanks Mw!
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