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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17

[ BP ]

OOC: It might do you favours if you RP'd out some of your attacks. ^^
Oh, and the genders? ^^


Garchomp looked in disdain towards Natsu, and I could tell that he was frustrated in his trainer's choice of battle strategy. He was fidgety and filled with boundless energy, and I knew that all he wanted to do was simply run towards that giant Rapidash and slash it to pieces, not hide underground and wait for them to find him.

While Garchomp stood there in quiet disarray, Natsu's other Pokemon - a determined, rather feisty Slowbro - threw his arms into the sky in a thoroughly theatrical manoeuvre. Spinning around in a powerful fashion, he lept upward gracefully in synchronisation with thundering rainclouds which gathered overhead. Rain droplets began to shower from the sky, and Slowbro held his face towards them, relishing the refreshing water splashing on his face.

Rapidash and Magby didn't like the rain; in fact, they despised it. The rain threatened to douse Rapidash's proud flames which burned brightly on its back, and it seemed as though Magby actually sustained some damage from the rain which poured down; it drenched the vulnerable Fire type, and it whined in pain.

Garchomp looked up at the rain in disdain, snarling at it. Glancing at Natsu, he threw himself into the air and barelled down into the ground, throwing up dirt and dust as he buried himself deep in the ground. Obediently, he stayed under; feeling the vibrations of the earth as he attempted to accurately predict the most opportune time to unleash his throttling power on the Pokemon above.

Rapidash and Magby were fretting about the rain, and Slowbro took his chance. Closing his eyes in a serene manner, he lifted his arms upwards and the rain that was bucketing down suddenly seemed to stop and float around him; creating a strange gathering of liquid suspended in the air behind him. Throwing his arms down, he sent the water out towards the Fire types, with him Surfing ontop of it.

Rapidash was fast; she leaped out of the way of the impending wave and in turn threw her head towards Slowbro, ripping into him with her well-aimed horn. Slowbro sustained massive damaged, and yelped as he fell off his own carefully-constructed wave at Rapidash's feet. Rapidash roared, before sending a glowing, charged hoof down at the Slowbro; a Stomp attack, which pressed Slowbro down further into the soft ash on the ground - which lessened the impact of the attack.

The raging water still thundered towards the poor Magby, however; and it hit it with a violent effectiveness, and the tiny Pokemon was thrown at least 20 feet away from the small battlefield. It was injured terribly by the Water attack, and it seemed to struggle to try and sit up.

Rapidash began to flicker across the field, a blur in the falling gray ash around us, building up her speed with an intense Agility attack - all the while casting smug looks at the Slowbro on the ground.

"Here's your chance," I whispered to Natsu. "Rapidash is cocky... get it while it least expects it!"



Hardy Male Garchomp [Sand Veil] - 86.43% [UNDERGROUND]
Brave Male Slowbro [Own Tempo] - 70%


??? ??? Rapidash [Flash Fire] - 92.81% [SPEED +2]
??? ??? Magby [Flame Body] - 12%


Trainer Stats:
Natsu Dragneel
$140 000
10x Park Ball, 5x Superball, 5x Max Potion, 5x Full Restore, 4x Pokedoll

Area Effects:
[Mt. Deckbi]
In the middle of gray, ash-covered fields surrounding the mountain; Pokemon frolic nearby.
It's raining.
13 Encounters left.

Pokemon Stats:
Jolly Female Ludicolo [Swift Swim] - 100%

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Encountered: Sandshrew, [Rapidash & Magby],
Pokemon Captured: N/A
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