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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17

"Hmm, a two on one? That ain't fair I suppose. Don't worry Garchomp, you're not in this alone!"

I threw another Pokeball in the air, calling out Slowbro. Never judge a book by its cover or so they say, Slowbro might look like one slacker, but it might pack a punch if given the right opportunity of course. This was that opportunity.


The Pokemon yawned upon entering the battle field, and stood aside Garchomp, who was a bit thrown off by the feisty Magby, but nonetheless, it let out a smirk upon seeing its partner by its side.

"This is it. They won't be moving huh? Then we shall start this match, Garchomp, do a Swords Dance to evade any fire attacks they might spew at you, and go underground using, Dig, and stay there until I call you out! Slowbro, start off with a Rain Dance, that should weaken their fire power and slow them down a lil, followed up by a huge Surf attack!"

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