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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17

[ NBP ]

Rapidash's intense gaze gave us quite the scare; and Natsu looked back towards the Overlook Point longingly.

"Um, Charlie, I think we should leave..." he said, and I didn't hesitate to agree.

"Yep. Let's just move slowly away so she doesn't think we're a threat... and then... LOOK OUT!" I yelped, as a burst of flame spiralled in Ludicolo's direction.

Ludicolo narrowly dodged the flaming torpedo that had erupted from Rapidash's mouth, and the Fire Pokemon arched its back and growled at us, standing in a thoroughly aggressive stance. I stepped back nervously, pulling Natsu along with me.

"I don't think that Rapidash is too pleased with us right now... we could try and make a break for it, but I don't know if it'll -"

The Rapidash roared, and opened her mouth wide; another eruption of ruby-red flame came hurtling in our direction, and I pushed Natsu out of the way to avoid the sweltering furnace of flames that barelled past us and fell clumsily into the dusty ash behind. I pulled my head out of the gray ash, spitting it out and brushing it out of my cerulean coloured hair; it suddenly occured to me that the ash might have caused me to look like an old lady, and I stifled a chuckle.

I looked up and saw Ludicolo had frozen, standing beside Natsu without any idea what to do about the aggressive Rapidash. I felt terrible; it had never been my intention to lead trainers into the park and be confronted with such dangerous situations. I knew it had been a terrible idea to come down into the fields, much less coming so near the easily-provoked Fire types down here.

"Dash!" the enraged Pokemon roared, a deep rumble within its throat. Its cream-coloured hair seemed to glow bright red from the intense flames that adorned its back, and the threatening stance didn't help my overwhelming fright either.

However, despite the natural fear I felt, I stood up slowly and motioned to Natsu. "Right. Running... may not be an option. What do you think?" I whispered, casting a furtive glance in the violent Rapidash's direction.

The Magby sat on the ground next to it, looking at us with great curiosity; but nothing even remotely threatening glimmered across its face.


Trainer Stats:
Natsu Dragneel
$140 000
10x Park Ball, 5x Superball, 5x Max Potion, 5x Full Restore, 4x Pokedoll

Area Effects:
[Mt. Deckbi]
In the middle of gray, ash-covered fields surrounding the mountain; Pokemon frolic nearby.
Cloudy - or maybe it's the ash?
13 Encounters left.

Pokemon Stats:
Jolly Female Ludicolo [Swift Swim] - 100%
Hardy Male Garchomp [Sand Veil] - 100%
Brave Male Slowbro [Own Tempo] - 100%

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Encountered: Sandshrew, [Rapidash & Magby],
Pokemon Captured: N/A
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