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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17

[ NBP ]

Natsu followed my worried gaze to view the Rapidash, and his hand brushed over a Pokeball in his belt as he looked at it. I wondered if he was interested in snagging a Rapidash for his team.

"Yes," he said, staring at the Fire Pokemon. "We should really check that out..." He trailed off, and then we both promptly climbed off the Outlook Point ledge and walked onto the field towards the Pokemon.

"Now be careful," I whispered to Natsu. "Usually when entering these fields Pokemon often get scared off; normally Trainers don't voyage down here, but rather just view all the Pokemon. However, I think this warrants a bit of a look-over; this Rapidash sure is odd."

We drew closer to the flaming Pokemon, who - upon closer observation - appeared to be lying on the grass, with its head upwards looking outwards towards its fellow Rapidash. I ran my eyes over the Pokemon; it didn't look injured, from what I could see. It barely even noticed that we were there, and instead sat there feeling sorry for itself.

I frowned, beginning to walk closer to examine the Pokemon, before I was surprised by a small, red face popping up suddenly from the Rapidash's left side.

"Woah!" I said, startled. The tiny red face sized me up for a second, before popping back down again. Natsu and I walked over the other side of the Rapidash, and we discovered why the Pokemon was lying down; it had a frozen left hoof - presumably attacked by an Ice Beam on the leg. The tiny, red Pokemon ducked back down again and resumed what it had been previously doing; blowing tiny, red-hot embers on the thick coat of ice that surrounded Rapidash's brown hoof, melting the ice slowly.

"Would you look at that," I said, smiling at the Magby. It was always nice to see Pokemon cooperating and helping eachother out, and this instance was no different.

The Magby sent out another flurry of flames that licked at the ice, and it suddenly collapsed in a pool of water beneath the Rapidash's hoof. It poked the Rapidash happily, and in turn the Rapidash looked over at its hoof and flashed an immediate smile. Roaring loudly and with pride, it threw its head around happily, the red-hot flames dancing in the apparent joy the horse heralded.

It was then that the Rapidash finally noticed us; standing up, the Pokemon eyed us in a suspicious manner, waiting to see what we would do next.


Trainer Stats:
Natsu Dragneel
$140 000
10x Park Ball, 5x Superball, 5x Max Potion, 5x Full Restore, 4x Pokedoll

Area Effects:
[Mt. Deckbi]
In the middle of gray, ash-covered fields surrounding the mountain; Pokemon frolic nearby.
Cloudy - or maybe it's the ash?
13 Encounters left.

Pokemon Stats:
Jolly Female Ludicolo [Swift Swim] - 100%
Hardy Male Garchomp [Sand Veil] - 100%
Brave Male Slowbro [Own Tempo] - 100%

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Encountered: Sandshrew, [Rapidash & Magby],
Pokemon Captured: N/A
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