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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

Rebecca became outraged, seeing her lovely decor ruined by an insolent child. The honey was now occupying both the carnation dress and her golden locks. She struggled to get free, puling from side to side... however, that only seemed to keep her in place more firmly than before.

"Ah..." The Scientist sighed, shaking his head slowly. "I know you can't move much, so bring him to you."

The Jynx looked up at this statement, her once annoyed face turning to delight. Large lips puckered to create a small opening in between.

Knowing what was to come, Seq motioned for all those around to cover their ears. As he placed two hands over the sides of his head, Erutis buried hers into a mass of feathery wings while Julie's fins closed over her sensitive ears. Soon enough, a sweet, melodic tune rushed over the field. Jynx's Sing floated around the field. Whether it hit or not, chances are that it would lure the young male into her grasps, enough to snare the Munchlax into a Grass Knot so he too, would be trapped.
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