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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17

I was really exited at the fact that Ludicolo might pull off this one, as she's the only one in the team who could befriend wild Pokemon with least effort. But even before I could rejoice my moment of success, something went terribly wrong.

Ludicolo clapped her hands together excitedly and waddled over to the Sandshrew. The small Pokemon looked up at the gigantic Ludicolo, and gave a look of pure fright. With a squeak, the tentative Sandshrew buried its head in the ash and dug a quick, tiny hole underground and disappeared.

"Argh, Dang! That was so close!" I sighed in frustration.

But giving it some deep thought, It would have been better if I sent in something along Sandshrew's size, so that it might not have intimidated it. Oh well, that was a goner by now, and I couldn't give up hope because of one failure. Ranger Charlie was determined that I could find tonnes of others around some field which she mentioned to be Outlook Point, and that's where we were heading too.

Once we reached there, the winds were blowing in quite strongly, and the view was beautiful, except for the ashes that were falling like snow. Something in particular caught my attention when Charlie mentioned;

"Hey, look! A herd of Rapidash!"

What grew my curiosity to even a greater height, was this particular Rapidash which was alone from its herd, and from Charlie's understanding, there might be something wrong with it.

"Yes, we should really check it out....."

There was a moment of silence soon after, as I clutched on to one of my other Pokeball...

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