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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Ranger Sign Up Sheet

Name: Rocket T. (Thergood) Zater
Age: 19
Gender: female
Personality: Kind, but to a point. She's very testy and can easily be angered or annoyed. She cares for all kinds of Pokemon, but won't tolerate those attacking. She's also not one to tolerate nonsense trainers.
Description: Her hair is the exact same way as Zoey's from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but has a black streak towards the left, but still somewhat in the middle. She wears brown high tech goggles that normally sit on her hair. She also wears green cameo pants, and her shirt is tan with a brown paw in the middle. She also has on a black cape that has two scarf like attachments that extend down the front (one on the left, the other on the right).

Pokemon and their Natures
Coin Ref - Meowth - Brave Nature (never inside his Pokeball, he doesn't hate Pokeballs, he just chooses not to be in them)
Ancient - Aerodactyl - male - Hardy Nature
Tikatos - Vaporeon - male - Docile Nature
Hannah - Houndoom - female - Serious nature
Milly - Miltank - female - Quiet Nature
Jetto-ki - Togekiss - female - Jolly Nature

=^^= Nya
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