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Default Re: Poke-Sentai One: Fossirangers [SU]

I didn't expect to be done so soon. XDDDD

Name: Eiyuu
Gender (Male or Female. And please, try to keep the ratio at least somewhat even): Male
Age (keep it between 10 and 19): 17
Normal Appearance (when they're not in their Ranger form):

Color/Pokemon Powers (look at the "Heroes Needed" section): He can sprout blades from his hands. Also, he can shoot water from his hands, and throw rocks that he can create from thin air.
Ranger Suit Appearance: Kabutops-like blades sprout form his arms, and his body becomes colored like Kabutops'. He also gets the spike stuff on his back, and a motorcycle helmet on his head.
Weapon (every Ranger gets a blaster and a physcial weapon, like a sword, an axe, et cetera): A Blaster that shoots brown energy bolts. He also has two curved swords.
Parts of the Giga PokeDroid formed (Name which parts our PokeDroid forms when combining to become the Giga PokeDroid): Blades on it's arms, and spikes on it's back.
History (keep it somewhat brief): Eiyuu grew up in Pallat town. When he turned 16 he was enjected with the DNA of a Kabutops.
Other (What else you'd like to throw in?): His PokeDroid looks like a giant, robot Kabutops.