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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Ranger SU

Name: Jacob Sparks
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, quiet, docile but somewhat adventurous. Jake is sensitive around unknown people and hopes people will talk to him instead of him starting up a conversation. He is as friendly and kind but might become lonely if almost none is beside him. As a kind boy, Jake tries to be as polite as possible when talking to new people.

Description: He wears a plain black shirt almost all the time as his wardrobe is full of them. He also wears blue denim pants and gray snickers with white socks. He has his Poketch strapped on his wrist and his Pokegear safely tucked in his belt. By the way, he also uses his green shoulder bag most of the time. Link

Pokemon Natures:

Manectric♂ (Manectric) | Naive Nature
Luxray♂ (Loki) | Bold Nature
Jolteon♀ (Ashe) | Gentle Nature
Lanturn♀ (Sharpay) | Mild Nature


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