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The time was half past 12 and I knew I was late for the expedition at the National Park I signed up earlier on. However, it ws essential for me to get my back pack, some snacks, and of course, my trusted Pokemon Partners. Can't really explore the mountains with a Ranger and their Pokemon alone, can I?

The alarm went off again, and it was time that I left my place and got on moving towards Outpost #1, that's where Trainers gather and meet up with their assigned Rangers before the expedition. My mind was fluctuating with thoughts, as it would to any other who's a new comer to the Park, but I tried to play it cool.

"Let's go Ludicolo!" I flung a Pokeball in the thin air, and the capsule burst open in seconds, calling out a Pokemon which resembled a duck with a sombraro.


My name is Natsu, and that's my most trusted Pokemon Pal, Ludicolo. It was wise to get a Water Pokemon around Mt.Deckbi since most of its inhabitants are Ground or Fire type. Ludicolo, being a part Grass and Water, was just perfect. I tugged in two other Pokeballs in my bag, in case Ludicolo tires out during the expedition and these guys could take over. It wasn't long before we left, and started walking towards the National Park, which of course, a few stone's throw away.

It took a while, but eventually, we reached the outskirts of the Park. The whole place seemed deserted, until, I saw an unusually big 'dog' like Pokemon afar. I quickly reached my pockets and took out Dex(PokeDex) and scanned around till it started blurting out some data.

Arcanine, the legendary species Pokemon. Arcanine is also known for its high speed and the capability of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power.

"Hmm, it looks tame and quiet much. I'm guessing that's no wild Pokemon either..."

Even before I could complete my sentence, a Ranger exited from the Park Entrance and walked towards us, throwing in a sweet smile to add. I concluded that it might be the Ranger who's going to accompany me, but I held my grounds till..

"Hey, Natsu. I'm Charlie! And I'm gonna be showing you around Mt. Deckbi today. Hopefully we'll see some awesome Pokemon and explore the volcano a bit. Should be fun, huh?" She grinned, holding out her hand for me to shake.

I didn't wish to be spoilsport, so I held out my hand, and as approval, we had a handshake and threw more smiles at each other.

"Oh yes, I certainly am excited. I can't wait to see what kind of Pokemon I might encounter in Mt.Deckbi" I replied, whilst clencing my right fist and showing a somewhat determined face...

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