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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Originally Posted by DaSpriter View Post
RAWR! BANNER WANT!! RAWR! (Not a post telling you to hurry up, I'm just saying Rawr, and trying to tell you I love your work and IMO, you're the best Banner + Avi maker on PE2K. =3)

BTW, Looks Super good, TY so much. I love it.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Also, how do I make it my Avi? I can't copy it to Paint and then save it to photobucket... Halp plase?

Right click Image > Properties > Highlight URL > Copy URL

User CP > Avatar > Image URL


Right Click > Save As

User CP > Avatar > Upload from PC.

Have fun?

Also, Shy/Dylan. You're pretty good buddy. Keep it up, man, I like your work, definately liking that new one you did for Bee.
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