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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Type: Banner/Signature
Size: The size of my banner, or average size

Render/Stock: Houndoom 1 and Gliscor Autobot sign on one corner Decepticon on the other, you can make them smaller if you want to fit better.
Render/Stock-Effects: Nothing speacial
Render/Stock-Placement: One of the Houndoom on the right, the Gliscor on the left

Background: Smoky grey background
Background-Effects: Nada
Background-Theme: Smoky I guess
Background-Colors: Dark grey

Text: URPG (somewhere on there) and Bumblebee (somewher on there)
Text-Font: Something that matches
Text-Colors: A dark color that matches
Text-Size: One that matches
Text-Placement: Where it fits xD
Text-Effects: Match the background somehow

Border-Size: Small
Border-Colors: Yellow
Border-Effects: None
Border-Theme: IDK
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