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Default Re: Individual RP: BlueJello

I shook my head as Blue ignored my suggestion to calm Togepi down, instead sending out his Ambipom once more to continue the battle. The violet monkey, his confusion abated thanks to his temporary rest, was ordered to Scratch Togepi and use a Swift if the latter move failed.

As much as I disagreed with Blue’s method of battling, there was little I could do unless Togepi was in actual danger. Right now she was just scared stupid, which, despite her being young, made her more dangerous and unpredictable. She was a wild animal, after all, and even though she was as intelligent as a young child, she had the instincts of a creature born of the wilderness.

Bubbles, after receiving his instructions, dashed to where Togepi was laying, his hands covering his ears. When he reached the little Pokemon, he drew his hands from his head and hooked his fingers, raking them across Togepi’s back. Much to my surprise, Togepi immediately stopped shrieking and crying, instead curling up and rolling away from Bubbles. I thought she was trying to escape again, but she stopped about six feet away and abruptly stood, tears still leaking from her eyes as she glared at her foe.

“Oh dear,” I said, beginning to feel worried. “Togepi is angry now, and if it’s one thing you don’t want to bother with, it’s a cranky baby…” As if hearing my words, Togepi screeched loudly before raising her little hands into the air, eyes narrowing to slits as she focused on Bubbles. At first nothing happened, but then a purple haze surrounded Togepi’s fingers. It quickly down her arms and engulfed her entire body, and then a purplish cloud started to form around Bubbles. Before any of us had a chance to react, Togepi flung her arms down, then jerked them back into the air. Bubbles, with a startled shout, was wrenched into the air as well.

“Toge!” little Togepi raged, swinging her arms down with all the strength her tiny body could muster. Thankfully, Bubbles had only rose about three feet into the air, and Togepi was clearly very inexperienced at using this attack. Still, when the Ambipom hit the ground, it was with a thud that made me wince. When he got to his feet, he had a dazed look in his eyes.

“This Togepi is more dangerous than I thought, if she can use moves like Psychic,” I said. “She can’t really control it well, which makes it all the more hazardous. You really need to be careful from now on, who knows what she’ll use now that she’s so angry.”



-Serious Male Ambipom: 88.54% [Special Defense lowered]
-? Female Togepi: 62.66% [Attack lowered x2, Defense lowered]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Blue Jello
Location: Botanic Garden

Area Effects
-14 Encounters Remaining
-Type Repellent: Grass Pokemon

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Genderless Ditto <Limber Ability>
75% <Currently out of Ball> [Dittomence ; SUB @ 7.66%]

-Serious Male Ambipom <Pickup Ability>
88.54% <Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle>

Total Items: 3 Parkballs ; 1 Hyperball ; 2 Max Potions

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Togepi (Encounter 1)

Total Pokemon Captured:
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