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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

OOC: Why have I been posting name and location for an Individual RP? XD


IC: Rowan, instead of seeming angry or annoyed by Vulpix’s cunning, instead appeared to be pleased. Well, I couldn’t blame her, because it was obvious the little fox would be a worthy addition to her team. I smiled a little as she called to Demonul, “Tyranitar, immobilize Vulpix with Scary Face,” and then produced a Park Ball. Her Pokemon responded with one of the most vicious bellows I’d ever heard, one that caused the stone to vibrate and birds to take flight. That alone made Vulpix freeze, his growl cutting off at a high note.

When Demonul’s face started to warp and morph, Vulpix began to shake. Then, clearly unable to take the shock of seeing another Scary Face, the fox twisted his head to one side and tightly clamped his eyes shut. All the better, because then he had no idea when Rowan pitched the Park Ball at him. It spun rapidly through the air and came down against Vulpix’s right side, cracking open to let out a wave of crimson energy. This engulfed Vulpix, who yelped in surprise before being drawn into the Ball, which then clicked shut and landed on the hard, rocky ground. There it wiggled back and forth a few times before falling still.

“Good job!” I congratulated, smiling at Rowan and then waving towards the motionless Park Ball. “That’s a great start to your visit, wouldn’t you say?” Almost at the same time I finished speaking, the fiery belt around Demonul sputtered and died away. Either it had run out of juice, or ended because Vulpix had been captured. I couldn’t be sure, but at least the Tyranitar was free of the Fire Spin now. “And hey, more good luck!”



-Serious Male Tyranitar: 53.48% [Fire Spin count: 4, Fire Spins ends]
-? Male Vulpix: 23.57% [Defense lowered, Speed lowered x2, Attack increased]


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Rowan Dalca
Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Male Tyranitar (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HP Fighting, Water Pulse) <Sand Stream Ability>
53.48% <Currently out of Ball>

-Hasty Female Azumarill (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Waterfall) <Huge Power Ability>

-Adamant Female Swampert <Torrent Ability>

-Modest Male Noctowl <Keen Eye Ability>

Total Items: Hyper Ball x2 ; Superball x3 ; Park Ball x4 ; Max Potion x3 ; Full Heal x2 ; Full Restore ; x2 Sweet Sensation sprays ; x2 Bitter Berry sprays ; Sour Starfruit spray

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Vulpix (1st Encounter)

Total Pokemon Captured:
Quirky Male Vulpix
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