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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Originally Posted by DaSpriter View Post
Hey Shy, time for my new theme change! BTW, I loved the last two things you made me, IMO, your probably the best graphic artists here. (banner+avi maker)

Type: Sig/Banner/Whatever you want to call it
Size: Same as current

Render/Stock: http://matteomazzali.files.wordpress...mb-link-00.jpg If you could resize him so that most of him fits into the banner that would be great
Render/Stock-Effects: Make hime glowing with a faint light blue
Render/Stock-Placement: Middle

Background: Make it this
Background-Effects: Can you sharpen the image? If not, just make some spots look cracked like that one guy's "Pacman Killer" banner
Background-Theme: Well, I kinda just gave you a pic to use so...
Background-Colors: >_>

Text: The chosen one
Text-Font: Make it kinda like old-style writing
Text-Colors: Whatever fits and stands out
Text-Size: Big enough to read, but not too big that it intrudes on the banner itself
Text-Placement: Wherever you think it looks good
Text-Effects: Make the text glowing with the same color as link, so preferably the text should be the same green as link is

Border-Size: medium
Border-Colors: Green
Border-Effects: Can you put like a little triforce up top middle? Just incase you don't know, a triforece looks like this: Can you also make it glowing yellow?
Border-Theme: ...

Type: Avi
Size: Same as my current

Render/Stock: Can you resize it again so that it fits?
Render/Stock-Effects: Nothing special, just kinda blur his backside so that it looks like he's moving
Render/Stock-Placement: Wherever it fits

Background: Just cut out a part of it
Background-Effects: Blut it
Background-Theme: Clouds? ^_^
Background-Colors: +_+

Text: Paratroopa, death from above!
Text-Font: Something spacey
Text-Colors: whatever stands out
Text-Size: Big enough to read, but not too big that it intrudes on the banner itself
Text-Placement: wherever it fits
Text-Effects: Blur it slightly

Border-Size: medium
Border-Colors: Black
Border-Effects: Make a small, 1-up mushroom at the top middle of the border, use this: Just resize it so it fits
Border-Theme: ...
DaSpriter, I was wondering a few things kinda.

Well, why do you change your theme so quickly?

And I don't think Dylan's gonna know what the Pacman Killer banner is, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and he does but yeah...i don't know what it is.

Also, I loved that level, it felt so...fancy. (for lack of better word.)
Have you played the game?

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