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Default Re: Individual RP: BlueJello

Ranger Sara
Botanic Garden

Blue recalled his Ambipom, a good call in my book. I liked a Trainer who wasn’t afraid of giving his Pokemon a rest, especially when they didn’t have many Pokemon to begin with. I wondered exactly what the young Trainer would do next, and he didn’t fail to surprise. I’ve taken plenty of Trainers brining Ditto with them through the Park, but none had ever done something like this.

“It’s your turn Scourge, and I want you to transform into Sara’s Salamence,” Blue told his rubbery companion. I blinked as the Ditto jumped from Blue’s shoulder and began to transform into a perfect, albeit slightly lighter-colored, copy of Urokei. The Salamence must have noticed, because I heard him give a roar from where he was circling. He’d never been copied before, nor had any of my other Pokemon, despite all of them having been around a Trainer’s Ditto at some point or another.

“Scourgemence, I want you to use a Substitute, then follow up with a Fire Blast. If that fails, use Attract to grab its attention,” Blue told his Ditto after its transformation was complete. Dittomence gave its Trainer a peculiar look at that last bit, and I gave a faint smile; Blue must have been caught up in the excitement of battle to have forgotten that a Ditto remains genderless even when transformed.

The Pokemon shrugged its shoulders, ignoring the last command but moving on to carry out the others. A light engulfed its body and slowly separated from Dittomence, forming into an expressionless doll that took a seated position before becoming motionless. Dittomence then inhaled deeply as it moved behind its Substitute, powering up its Fire Blast.

At the same time, Togepi decided she was beginning to get bored. She stood and stretched, then curled into a ball and rolled to where Dittomence’s Substitute was sitting. Upon reaching it, Togepi uncurled and stood up, poking the doll’s front-left leg. When there was no response, Togepi frowned and poked harder. When nothing happened she became decidedly upset; her young mind couldn’t understand that the Salamence before her wasn’t real, that the actual Pokemon was behind it.

Inhaling deeply, Togepi gave the Substitute an unhappy glare before letting out a shrill, high-pitched cry. She then toppled onto her butt, screeching like a cat that had just been set on fire. As she did this, Dittomence finally finished preparing his Fire Blast and lunged into the air, pumping his wings to remain aloft and opening his jaws wide. With a roar, a five-armed blast of fire rushed out of his gaping maw, but it was obvious the Pokemon was feeling disoriented from Togepi’s Uproar. As a result, the Fire Blast just barely flew over Togepi’s head, the lower arms passing on either side of her.

It wasn’t a complete bust, though. The intense heat radiating from the arms caused Togepi to give a cry, interrupting her attack and causing her to curl into as small a ball as possible in order to get away from the heat. When the Fire Blast had gone by and was disappearing into the air, the shaking Togepi slowly uncurled and glanced around, looking frightened. She didn’t notice Dittomence as it landed behind its Substitute, and really didn’t seem too keen on remaining. Looking close to tears, the baby struggled to her feet and started to run in a random direction. I watched her go, feeling a bit sorry for her as I turned my gaze to Blue.

“She’s just a baby,” I told him with a firm voice. “You really should go easier on her. You came on too strong there and scared the bejeebus out of her.”



-Calm Genderless Ditto: 75% [Dittomence ; SUB @ 13.66%]
-? Female Togepi: 80.29% [Attack lowered x2, Defense lowered]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Blue Jello
Location: Botanic Garden

Area Effects
-14 Encounters Remaining
-Type Repellent: Grass Pokemon

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Genderless Ditto <Limber Ability>
75% <Currently out of Ball ; Currently engaged in battle>

-Serious Male Ambipom <Pickup Ability>

Total Items: 3 Parkballs ; 1 Hyperball ; 2 Max Potions

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Togepi (Encounter 1)

Total Pokemon Captured:
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