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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

OOC; This Munchlax will be male, please.

Seq watched the playful Delcatty prance away after the fleeting Budew. Zigzagoon decided to join them, as romping around the fields seemed like a better idea than aimlessly wandering with a lazy crew. He shrugged, continuing the path Sokka pointed out. However, near the tall pillars was a grove of short trees. The smell of honey had just tipped Julie's nose when the scientist pointed in excitement.

Under the nearest tree was a small blue creature munching on broken honey combs.

"This is wonderful!" Seq grinned, rubbing his hands together. "I was looking for one of these, as I need something to control the Combee population back at the lab... So alright, Rebecca. This time, you can go front and center!"

The icy Pokemon smiled; delighted she could be used this time around in the park. She sashayed over to the Munchlax, swinging her hips to an imaginary tune. She stopped just shy of the Munchlax's feet, allowing her to stand tall.

"Don't let him escape, eh?"

"Jynx," Rebecca responded, placing two violet hands on her shapely body. A frown soon appeared on her lovely face, causing any charm she had to melt away. An icy glare was cast down upon the little blue monster as she gave her best Mean Look.

The scientist only hoped it would be effective, as the Munchlax seemed more engrossed in his honey than in Jynx.
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