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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

I've been wanting to join for a while, but I'm afraid of screwing things up ^^''

Titus Oceanux



Titus is optimistic, likes to have fun, and lightly jokes around about life a lot. Some people veiw this as him not being able to take anything seriously, but when it gets down to business Titus becomes completely serious. He's a very caring, light hearted person who always thinks about others and his Pokemon before him. He's proud of his accomplishments, Pokemon, and skills, but loaths watching videos of himself, and seeing pictures of himself when he was younger. Titus is easily distracted and it takes away from his focus, but he knows about it and is working on it diligently. Titus is a little superstitious, but only about a few things, as in charms and numbers, for example he loves 7 and 11, and hate the number inbetween 21, and 23. Before nightfall he always finds the first star that appears and wishes on it.

Titus has golden, curly hair that reaches to the top of his broad nose. He has glossy, sapphire eyes that look like waves crashing in the ocean. He stands firm at a even 6ft and with wide shoulders that promotes his average muscularity. Titus wears a dark blue T-shirt with thin, lightblue, blue, cyan, and darker blue shapes, stripes, and zig-zags all randomly coordinated as the design of the shirt. His unzipped, light brown hoodie lightly matches his sandy cargo shorts. He has the average-joe white tennis shoes that've been worn down throughout the years and have scuffles, small rips, and dirt blotches scattered all around them. To accompany his superstitions he wears a small beige bag, no bigger than a Pokeball when it's not enlarged, tied to a brown string around his neck. Inside the bag is sand, dirt, gravel, and bits of earth from everyplace Titus has visited.

Pokemon Captured

Pokemon and Natures
Arcanine; Male, Intimidate, Jolly
Swampert; Male, Torrent, Calm
Togekiss; Female, Serene Grace, Jolly
Crobat; Female, Inner Focus, Hardy

Park items
Hyper Balls x3
Super Balls x2
Park Balls x3
Type Repellent
Intermediate Disc (Absol)

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