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Default Re: Individual RP: BlueJello

OOC: Yeah, you can use it, just edit your post saying you are.


IC: Trainer Sara
Botanic Garden

I always feel glad when a Trainer runs into something they’re looking for here at the Park, so I was happy for Blue when he mentioned this was one of the Pokemon he’d been hoping to meet. He released his second Pokemon, an Ambipom, and set to giving him his commands.

“OK Bubbles, this is our first battle in the park. Use an Agility so you can become faster and catch up to the Togepi, then use Tickle to make it laugh and stop it from escaping,” he ordered. The Ambipom didn’t bother acknowledging the instructions, but instead began to run in a tight circle. It took a few seconds, but the violet monkey soon worked his speed to dizzying levels, then tore by me. He went by Togepi and slid to a stop, nearly tripping from the sudden force of unspent momentum. He turned the stumble into a whirl, facing the smaller Pokemon and giving a smirk. The Pokemon seemed to be taking this battle quiet seriously, giving that expression, and I hoped Blue wouldn’t make the mistake of having such a Pokemon use too many moves like Tickle. Serious-natured Pokemon had a habit of being annoyed by that sort of tactic.

For now, Bubbles seemed content to follow his masters orders. Sending his tails slithering through the grass, the monkey use the finger-like grips at the tip of each to snatch Togepi from the grass and give it the tickling of its life. The baby Pokemon, startled at first, started to giggle uncontrollably as it was assaulted. It kicked its little feet and waved its hands, eyes squeezing shut as its body was convulsed by laughter.


The cuteness of the moment was suddenly cut short when I noticed a faint white glow starting to gather around Togepi’s hands. Whether it was doing it on purpose in order to escape or was activating the move without realizing it was unclear, but Togepi was about to use its Metronome maneuver. Metronome was famous, or infamous, for either being a game-winner or a total flop, since it could become any move. The downside, of course, being that the move used was completely random. Togepi might end up using something harmless like Splash, or something devastating like Explosion. I could only hope it wouldn’t be something as bad as the latter.

The moment of truth arrived not five seconds later. Bubbles, having noticed the glow, didn’t wait for his Trainer’s order to stop his attack. He hastily set Togepi on the ground before turning, getting ready to get out of range of whatever was coming, but it was too late. Togepi snapped its little arms straight up, and a bright red beam of light shot out from the fingers on both hands. These cut through the air to hit Ambipom, but there was no obvious result. I sighed softly, not knowing if I should be relieved or anxious.

“Togepi just used Lock-On,” I informed Blue, watching as said Pokemon followed the Ambipom’s every move. “Its next attack will most likely hit dead-on, so you need to think fast about a way to distract it and make it lose its concentration. Even if you don’t and it attacks, its physical strength was lowered by Ambipom’s Tickle, so that’s something at least.”



-Serious Male Ambipom: 100% [Speed increased x2]
-? Female Togepi: 100% [Attack and Defense lowered; Locked on to Ambipom]


Trainer Stats:

Name: Blue Jello
Location: Botanic Garden

Area Effects
-14 Encounters Remaining
-Type Repellent: Grass Pokemon

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Genderless Ditto <Limber Ability>
100% <Currently out of Ball>

-Serious Male Ambipom <Pickup Ability>
100% <Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle>

Total Items: 3 Parkballs ; 1 Hyperball ; 2 Max Potions

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Togepi (Encounter 1)

Total Pokemon Captured:


OOC: Togepi’s gender?
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