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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

OOC: Wow, I’m glad I chose this for your first encounter then ^^.


IC: Ranger Sara
Mt. Deckbi

Rowan certainly seemed to be the aloof kind, but I was fine with it. I’d escorted colder people through the Park, after all, and a Ranger had to adapt to all sorts of personalities. As Rowan released a Pokemon of her own -a Tyranitar- I went to join Dagger by the trail. Rowan introduced her Pokemon to us, then turned her attention to the Vulpix, which was still running towards the Trainer. Either it wasn’t intimidated by the sight of the Tyranitar, or it was too angry to be scared.

“Demonul! Use your Leer to stop Vulpix in its tracks!” Rowan ordered, Her Pokemon wasted no time carrying out his command, locking his eyes on the Vulpix’s as they began to glow with an eerie yellow light. It was a sickly color, something akin to pus, and Vulpix finally seemed to realize it had gotten itself caught up in a battle. It also now seemed to notice that it was facing off with a Tyranitar, and that, coupled with the intensity of the Pokemon’s unnerving gaze, served to send the little fox skidding to a halt. It tried to stop too fast, though, and ended up tripping over either its own paws or large pebbles scattered around. It tumbled about a foot before coming to a stop in a heap, looking dazed.

The small Pokemon didn’t stay down for long, though, clambering to its paws and shaking itself. It turned its brown eyes back to Demonul, locking eyes with him and seemingly unaffected by the Leer now. In fact, now that it was over its initial shock, the Vulpix took the eye contact as a challenge. It lifted its lips and growled loudly, fur bristling all over its body. Its tails waved through the air in a menacing manner, and then it struck. Muzzle opening, the fox spat out a spherical glob of blur-red fire, which was encased in a silvery coating of translucent flames. The orb hovered in place and Vulpix jumped over it, landing with a soft thud and meeting Demonul’s eyes once more. This time, though, a stab of dark light flared from them, shooting across the space between the battlers. It struck Demonul square in the face, leaving him momentarily blinded, and at that second Vulpix jerked her head forward. The hovering blob of fire shot into action, flying forward erratically towards its target.

“Wow, distract the foe with Confuse Ray and then throw a Will-o-Wisp at them,” I said in approval, surprised by the Pokemon’s strategic thinking. “I think Rowan and Demonul are in for a tougher battle than they expected.”



-Serious Male Tyranitar: 100% [CON]
-? Male Vulpix: 97% <Will-o-Wisp> [Defense lowered]


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Rowan Dalca
Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Male Tyranitar (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HP Fighting, Water Pulse) <Sand Stream Ability>
100% <Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle>

-Hasty Female Azumarill (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Waterfall) <Huge Power Ability>

-Adamant Female Swampert <Torrent Ability>

-Modest Male Noctowl <Keen Eye Ability>

Total Items: Hyper Ball x2 ; Superball x3 ; Park Ball x4 ; Max Potion x3 ; Full Heal x2 ; Full Restore ; x2 Sweet Sensation sprays ; x2 Bitter Berry sprays ; Sour Starfruit spray

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Vulpix (1st Encounter)

Total Pokemon Captured:


OOC: Vulpix’s gender? Also, it took a little bit of damage from its fall.
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