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Default Re: Obama's Stimulus Package: Direct Translation

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
I don't care about the auto industries making their factories along the Canadian border. The Canadians need the job because Canada is SOCIALIST. However, the green thing is bull. Green environmentalism isn't about the environment, it is about controlling lives. The Government wants the middle class to get out.

The middle class, believe it or not, has more say in Political matters. They want everyone who is Capitalist poor because they have the know-how to get things done and most rich people have no brains. This will let the President get whatever he wants, ultimately ending our democracy and starting a dictatorship...

You're not funny troll, stop trying to be. You're the kind of troll that does not amuse, only annoys.

I wasn't aware that my personal environmental policies were about controlling lives. I thought it was about improving general health, preserving the beauty of nature which you, as an apparently devout Christian, should appreciate all the more, and ensuring that, juuuuust in case that whole global warming thing is true, we don't end up drowning in a couple of years. My mistake.

And yeah, we do have a large say in political matters because we outnumber the rich by a large proportion and the lower class by a great deal smaller, but still existent and obvious proportion. We are the largest group and we have the biggest say. That's called democracy. And stop generalizing us, we aren't all anti-capitalist. Just me ;)
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