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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Charphlosiken -

Yours was the only one I had no problems with

DaSpriter -

Yours were kind of tough. First, I couldn't find a space jungle stock, nor did I know what a space jungle was supposed to look like. But I did find a really nice space stock Next, I couldn't add the text in the bottom center; there was no room, and if I put it under the ground it would've looked very weird...But I like it much better this way. And trust me, I have good judgement

Pokemon Partner -

Your request was the hardest request I've ever done First, I had to search all over for an ice cave stock, but instead, best I could find was a mountain stock. Then I had to burn a spot on the mountain and all the parts around it to make a cave. I did learn a lot about lighting, though, and I'm glad that it turned out so nice. (Trust my judgement here, just as DaSpriter should)
I'm not sure I'll get changes done today. I did adjust two of the requests made a bit, but that's mainly because of text visibility problems. Right click your image, hit properties, and copypasta the code into your signatures and avatars. Doing all of this in one day was tough...My eyes are burning atm, and I'm not sure if it's because shampoo dripped in my eyes when I took a shower today or I've been staring at this screen working on images too long...Oh well, I'm glad the rest of the day for me is going to be a party irl

Oh, and Y2kPikachu12 (What should I call you? That sounds weird..), I couldn't get the text green, sorry

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