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Default The Clan Index

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Welcome to the Clan Index, here you will find the list of all currently active Clans as well as a few rules. So, if you're looking for a Clan to Join, feel free to check out any of the ones currently listed.

I will be keeping track of the Clan Index until Teo returns

What makes a Clan:
  • In order to form a clan you'll need at least 5 active members. Once you've reached the minimum requirment you must then post the provided form here in to be added to the Index to become official.

How a Clan gets removed from the Index:
  • There are many ways a clan can be taken off the index. First of them being that the Clan Leader request to have their thread closed and to be removed from the list. Second would be for the clan to reach the 3rd Page of the Battle Center. Then finally, if they aren't active for more than 2 weeks.

Clan Form:
Clan Name: (Name of your Clan)
Thread Link: (Link to the Clan Thread)
Banner: (Must be 200x100)
Clan Leader: (Please provide link to profile)

Clan War Regulations:
  1. Both Clan's MUST post here stating they are going to war with one another.
  2. From that date, you are given 2 weeks to complete the War.
  3. Incomplete War's will be considered a draw, unless there is a clear victor. 1-0 wars will be considered a draw.
  4. Both Clan's MUST post here stating if they've won or loss.

Clan War Rules:
  1. At least 5 Members from each clan must be able to participate.
  2. A Clan can't be in 2 Wars at once.
  3. A Clan has no longer then 5 days to respond to a challenge, if that clan does not respond to challenge at that point it will be considered a decline.
  4. A Clan cannot send out more than 1 Challenge at a time.
  5. If a Clan has a pending challenge you may not challenge that Clan.
  6. You get 1 pass to decline a Challenge after every war, but you MUST accept the next challenge or it counts as a point deduction.
  7. The Clan that declined MUST post here stating that they've done so.
  8. No Challenging a new clan with in the first Month of them being formed, unless they state they are ready for challenges.
  9. Whether you win or lose a war, you MUST have at least 3 different battlers participating in the next one. If your war is bigger then 5v5 then the amount of battlers changes. i.e. a war with 7 v7 means that you can use three people in your next war, in a war with 9 v 9 four people can be used in the next war.

Point Standard:
  • You gain a Point for winning a 5v5 war, two points for 7v7 war, 3 points for 9v9 war
  • You lose a point for losing and declining two Challenges in a row
  • A Draw results in no points being gained or lost

Failure to observe these guidelines will result in the War not counting.

Clan Standings
The Laughing Man’s Society for Scrupulous Individuals [ 6 ]

The Revocata [ 0 ]

Brink of Insanity [ -1 ]

Pokerus Empire [ -4 ]



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