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Default Re: Christmas Event All December!


Okay, in order to make this more fair, I've decided to do the Master Ball roll for everyone who posted in their RP during December, instead of only those who took part in the event. This is mainly because it's not the Trainer's fault, really, if their Ranger didn't make a Delibird appear. That being the case, here's the list of people who qualified:

1 Dog of Hellsing
2 Metallic Houndoom
3 Luke39
4 Sec
5 iReign
6 Neltharion_deathwing
7 Eraizaa-kun
8 Medz
9 Redino987
10 Bumblebee16
11 Khajmer
12 AUFan
13 aoboco
14 Shen
15 Fierce Deity
16 Mewcario
17 Sequentio
18 Sec
19 Chromatic Entity
20 Leman
21 bleepbloop
22 Lunar Wing
23 Brizer
24 Marth
25 Ayotui

These aren't in any particular order, by the way. Anyways, the lucky winner of the ubertastic Master Ball is...


Congratulations! You can either accept your TM Swords Dance or you can take the Master Ball. Also, I know this might suck, but if you've used TM Swords Dance, you can't switch it for the Master Ball if you want it. Sorry ^^'.

Anyways, please post here stating which prize you'll take. Just for the record, the Master Ball allows you to automatically capture any Pokemon EXCEPT Legends.

EDIT: Oh, you can't use it until your next visit, though, if you're still currently in an RP.
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