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Default Re: Obama's Stimulus Package: Direct Translation

I'm not a fan of Barack Obama myself, but that whole birth certificate and the "He's a Kenyan" and a "Muslim" thing has been played out for too long and is becoming stale.

As for the people born to the lower class who don't work the hardest. There are degrees of laziness with each individual. You can't just group all the people together.

There are people who are poor because they were layed off, because they were born poor (and there are plenty of social stigmas against the lower class) and in case you haven't noticed. The American Middle Class is shrinking because of a multitude of factors. Many of our manufacturing jobs have been off-shored, factories close down and the whole "green" enviromentalist movement isn't making anything better placing such expensive regulations on manufacturing plants and factories...causing them to close down and set up shop in places like China, Vietnam, India and Central America.

Also, a dirty little secret is out that our Auto-Industries have been opening up plants (and they remain open) across the border into Canada because....they don't have an obligation to pay workers for their health insurance.

Although in China, it's much harder for a poorer people, particularly those that live in the rural parts. There is a huge disparity of income and education between the urban and rural citizens of the PRC.
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