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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Type: Signature w/ matching avatar (the avatar should be 100x100)
Size: 400x156

Render/Stock: clickeh~
Render/Stock-Effects: I don't know...whatever looks pretty? xD
Render/Stock-Placement: Well, he is supposed to be like coming through a door or something, so maybe on the left, or if you could somehow manage it, the middle.

Background: I don't know, whatever you think works.
Background-Effects: Maybe like some swirls and hearts?
Background-Theme: Like a love type theme.
Background-Colors: Green and Purple...maybe toss in a little pink.

Text:'s time to read~♥ (try to use that heart I used if you can. If you can't, leave it out or possibly try to use an effect to add like a heart there)
Text-Font: Like, maybe some really nice looking cursive or something like that.
Text-Colors: Preferrably something that mixes in well with that background, but it still stands out. Like maybe pink or something?
Text-Size: whatever you think works.
Text-Placement: Since Kakashi you may put Kakashi on the left, you should put the text on the right. If not, then just wherever works. ^_^
Text-Effects: It should probably glow a little.

Border-Size: Small border, please. ^_^
Border-Colors: Maybe a darker purple since the background should have purple and green (with a little pink)
Border-Effects: none really, just make it look pretty. xD
Border-Theme: none

Thank you so much! (Yes, I am using this on an RP)
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