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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Alas, poor Chagecha. 'Twas so short-lived. After Yoshio Sawai finished writing Bobobo Bobobobo (which I have read/watched parts of and enjoyed, especially the anime), he proceeded to create this manga. Here's a review.

Manga: Chagecha
Read up to: Chapter 8 - that is, completed.
Rating: Can't find it anywhere for some reason, but has some over-the-top-but-not-bloody violence.
Genre: Humor and probably Action

Graphics: The artwork in Bobobo-Bobobobo was chiseled and unpolished, which was thankfully made up for (at least for me) with the nonsensical humor. Artwork in Chagecha is still Yoshio's distinct style, but more refined, and great for drawing weird faces. It's certainly not the best or prettiest artwork, but it gets the job done. For me this is forgivable thanks to the story itself.

Rating: 7/10

Plot: A "great delinquent" known as Chagecha and his forgettable tagalong partner I-forget-his-name try to rise through the school ranks by fighting people with their Yangi powers. And forgive me if I get things wrong; it didn't take too long for me to run through the thing. It's enjoyable thanks to some other elements incorporated into the manga, and without those it might have been more lackluster. Not breaking new ground, but a nice stage for the story.

Rating: 8/10

Characters: Chagecha himself seemed somewhat like the titular protagonist of Yoshio's earlier work at first to me (especially with an unusual hairdo, muscular build, standout clothing), but is able to develop slightly differently through the eight chapters he's in. He's slightly more realistic emotion-wise...slightly. Still, his and Bobobo's type of character models seem to be the ones he's most comfortable writing with at this point. He doesn't attack with nose hair, of course, but a signature move doesn't really have time to be incorporated.

A few of the character designs remind me of his other series, too. Tagalong Kid looks like Heppokomaru/Gasser (if only for that white hair, but still), and Kawai probably looks like Beauty when you first see her, only she actually starts out with weapons weapons (bowling-ball-with-chains. They're pretty awesome). It's probably more like a case of me thinking the mangaka should diversify his facial structures and art styles some. I mean, it's not a bad thing, but still. that tiger thing Don Patch?

In fact, the only characters that really get signature moves are Big-headed-kid-whose-name-I-forgot and Kawai. Some electric paralysis attack was used, I think, but the character that used it was pretty forgettable and didn't do very much at all in the end. If only the series had gained more popularity and gone on longer...

Thanks to the series' short run, a whole team of to-be-main characters was hardly expanded on. I would have really liked seeing a battle with that young bird, what else Chagecha could do, other results of that big-headed kid's slot machine, whatever that rabbit was going to do, et cetera. Such a shame...

Although - again comparing things to Bobobo - some of the characters definitely seemed more fitting for the aforementioned series rather than for Chagecha. They're mostly in the weird-objects-with-legs category, for me. Maybe the similarities of the two manga(s? Still iffy on that one) led to Chagecha's downfall...

A bit hard to judge, really. But since they couldn't fit much development into such a short run, and it might have been better if they kept to a smaller cast, I have to give it...a 5. What characters they do, slightly, develop are enjoyable, though. Blame it on the length.

Rating: 5/10

Originality: Somewhat less ridiculous than Bobobo, but weird in its own right. It should really be judged on its own, not compared to that previous series, so I won't be judging based on that. I really liked the attacks they used, especially the "Snake Rope". And no, them using hair-related attacks does not count as copying off of nosehair tactics. There are some really unexpected and strange things that go on. Since they're not quite around every corner (well, around most of them, but...), weird things can be more easily laughed at. Attacks are more funny-overblown than funny-stupid, though they overlap. But speaking of that (and you might count these as spoilers - be warned!) they threw the freaking Eiffel Tower on somebody as an attack. You might argue that Bobobo has them throwing the Sun at somebody, but keep in mind this happened in chapter 2, I believe, and the series wasn't even originally planned to be that short.

Clearly the series was going to become crazy awesome in the future, not to mention pretty funny, or at the least pretty weird. We only got to read a fraction of what was planned originally. That being said, they did put in some pretty original stuff.

Rating: 8.5/10

Enjoyment: I liked the first chapters more than the last, since the last ones were a bit rushed and didn't show much character development. To me, roughly the most awesome points of the series...also happen in the first half of the story. I enjoyed reading through Yoshio's usual quirks (which remind me a bit too much of Bobobo - he should definitely expand his horizons, though this doesn't stop them from being enjoyable and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny). I still recommend you read the whole thing if you decide to read it at all, as the series as a whole is a nice, if short and somewhat lacking, read.

Rating: 8/10 (your results may vary depending on what sort of manga you like reading)

Overall: Chagecha, especially the beginning, is enjoyable as a whole. However, if you don't like Bobobo then you probably won't like Chagecha, and if Yoshio Sawai's next works are going to follow the same random action pattern he seems to be making you won't like those either, unless you're willing to really suspend disbelief to experience the awesome action presented.

But in my opinion, the beginning should be put above the rushed-before-cancellation ending. Best for fans of Bobobo-Bobobobo, of COURSE, but you might want to go find it anyways.

Overall: 7.5/10
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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