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Default Re: Obama's Stimulus Package: Direct Translation

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
This statement is giving credit to the Obama Administration? What the hell!? Really son, do YOU work at all!? I have worked for 2 years and I already see that Obama is a piece of work. He wasn't even a U.S citizen when he started to run!

520 bucks is not going to add up to the amount of debt people have. The problem is credit cards. They give you money you can spend when you don't have enough. Then these people are like, "What? You mean I have to pay it back?"

The problem is that the Obama Admin. doesn't know what they are doing. Plus! Where do you think he is getting the money from? Taxes! And who do you think pays the taxes? The people who are getting the money! Seriously, some people are so blind.

Also, saving money is the smart thing to do because they HAVE to. They will lose even more! I almost got let go because of the "economic crises". You know, because we have Obama as a president China will become the main power house of a country. Though that is a bad thing, I am hoping for it. Why? Because it will give us competition. Something that Obama and the rest of the socialists (Socialism is like Communism at a lower level) don't understand. This country hasn't had competition since the 80s (Japan). Now days we have not reason to innovate.

Why am I so against the Obama Admin? Because I see what is coming! He is a socialist and Germany is socialist (which I live in). Life is oppressive here...
Seriously, where do you learn this stuff? Obama wasn't an American citizen when he started to run? The problem with the economy is credit cards? And why are you using "us" when you live in Germany?

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