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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Type: Banner
Size: Same as yours I guess

Render/Stock: (Use the one with the spike hat
Render/Stock-Effects: Make him glowing
Render/Stock-Placement: Off center

Background: Use this image
Background-Effects: Make stickfigures in the background, and make it kinda blurry
Background-Theme: Paper
Background-Colors: Meh, whatever you think fits

Text: Look at me, I'm protectored!
Text-Font: 8-bit video game lettering
Text-Colors: Something that stands out
Text-Size: Medium, big enough to see
Text-Placement: Below the Goomba
Text-Effects: Very opaque

Border-Size: Small
Border-Colors: Blue
Border-Effects: Make it look rough
Border-Theme: No theme needed, it's just a border

Time for Avi!

Type: Avi
Size: Normal Avi size, the max limit

Render/Stock-Effects: None
Render/Stock-Placement: Just make it so that you can see his face

Background: Make it look like the sky
Background-Effects: Clouds
Background-Theme: Sky
Background-Colors: Light Blues, White

Text: Yup. He's a baller.
Text-Font: Doesn't matter, as long as it is readable
Text-Colors: Something that stands out
Text-Size: Doesn't matter, as long as it is readable
Text-Placement: Right near the bottom or below his face
Text-Effects: Kinda blurry

Border-Size: Small
Border-Colors: Yellow
Border-Effects: Rough and edgy
Border-Theme: None, it's just a border

Thanks Mw!
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