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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

Ranger Shadow Kritols
Botanic Gardens

Obviously, the Scizor wasn't too pleased that his attack not only did less than it was supposed to, but also that he, too, got hit by the little Chikorita, and whether or not that hit was small, it still wounded his pride. There, a terrible glint of anger appeared in Sky’s eyes.

“Calm down Sky, it was just a scratch this Chikorita seems more adept at battling than we first anticipated,” Mizuiro said, looking towards the Chikorita. “Now I want you to surround Chikorita with a Double Team and go in for a Night Slash.”

Shadow crossed to his arms, musing silently about the tactical ingenuity of that series of moves. This might be a better shot for Sky...

The glint was still present in Sky’s eyebut he still seemed to follow orders. Sky sped towards the Chikorita suddenly and started circling her. A moment later, he seemed to copy himself, his copies splitting from his body and also starting to circle the grass Pokemon, for a total of six different after images, with the seventh being the real one; with his mind permanently linked to Zella's, Shadow merely needed to ask her to meld their mind slightly, and he was able to see which one was the real Sky. All six doubles looked as real and solid as the original, but in Shadow's eyes, only one had the glow of a conscious mind in the head.

Chikorita was surprised, but the delay in attacking caused by Sky using Doule Team to confuse and distract her allowed her to prepare once more. She crouched down, her eyes flicking back and forth among the circling Scizors, and she bared her teeth. Shadow had thought that this Chikorita had been a calm battler, but the snarl seemed to suggest a building anger...Unless...He listened close, and indeed, he heard the tell-tale rumbling, though rather high-pitched since it was a small creature, of the Chikorita using Growl. Another good use of time, as this would reduce Scizor's attack even further, since, though the sound of her Growl itself was not intimidating, the mere vibrations of the growl would penetrate into his ear and influence his mind and body to be weaker with his attacks nonetheless.

The sun had already set and it was dark, but the stars and moon were out, offering enough light Sky needed to be able to see, in order to strike; nonetheless, the omnipresent darkness would help the Scizor in using his attack even easier without the opponent noticing which one was really about to attack her without paying close attention. A dark energy engulfed his right, red pincer, seeming to melt into the darkness as he prepared for his Night Slash. Chikorita could not follow which one was about to attack her, until the last second when her eyes locked with the real Sky, the only one who's right claw seemed to be gone into the dark night sky.

As the Chikorita noticed which one was attacking, at that very second, Sky swung his claw down towards her, smacking her hard in her face. A shimmer went down a dome-like area around the Chikorita from the point of impact on it, before shattering and letting that claw through, showing the still-active Reflect had taken the brunt of the damage once more before shattering and letting her feel whatever damage had not been absorbed by the shield. She flew back, crying out in pain, but as she did, two rope-like objects suddenly extended from the ring of buds from around her neck, one wrapping around Sky's attacking pincer and the other grabbing around his waist. They lashed tight as the grass Pokemon continued flying back further, taking the heavy Scizor with her, the red Steel- and Bug-Type Pokemon's eyes wide in complete surprise, having not expected that since his Double Team had even raised his Evasion abilities. The Chikorita hit the dirt and slid, but Sky sailed over her and landed hard at the base of a pine tree, obviously hurt a little more. However, as a rather tough Steel Pokemon, Sky could obviously handle more than a simple smack. The Chikorita and Scizor both got up and faced each other to continue the battle.

This Chikorita is quite the calm, patient, and ingenious one, waiting to be hit twice before retaliating against her opponent, and striking successfully in both cases, Zella silently commented to her trainer. And especially to an opponent who is doubly her superior in regards to Types, at that.

I know, this should be one interesting battle...Shadow responded in kind, keeping quiet to avoid distracting Mizuiro from the battle. However, he did have to speak after he realized something rather...unique about this particular Pokemon. "Mizuiro," he said aloud, "That Chikorita has an Egg Move, the Vine Whip she used. Take care not to let Sky get carried away, she could be a very valuable find indeed."


Battle Stats

Wild Pokemon
Chikorita [Female, Overgrow, ???]
[Using Growl, Vine Whip]
[BM Vine Whip]

Your Pokemon
Sky the Scizor [Male, Technician, Serious]
[Attack +1, Evasion +1]
[Using Double Team, Night Slash]


Trainer Stats
-Name: Mizuiro
-Money: $0
-Location: Botanic Gardens
-Area Effects: It's getting dark outside, the sun has long past set, all suggestive light of the sun's presence gone, but the moon and stars are out in the clear skies tonight.

Pokemon Stats

-Sky the Scizor [Male, Technician, Serious]
No TMs
[Out of Pokeball]

-Flame the Magmortar [Male, Flamebody, Modest]
(TM Psychic)
[In Pokeball]

-4 Pokeballs
-1 Superball
-1 Hyberball


-Encounters Remaining: 14

-Pokemon Seen: Chikorita

-Pokemon Captured: N/A
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